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Class Update – Sept. 11, 2016

sunday-school-2016-016As we go forward, it is our hope and prayer that your children will be able to share in front of the congregation at the end of this quarter what they have learned in class. Therefore, we are asking you, the parent, to help in that endeavor.

You ask: What can I do to help?  

Tack this on the refrigerator and when you think about it, help us reinforce the following during this coming week.

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1 Corinthians – Family Fights Part IV

Screenshot 2016-08-21 16.39.05 copyIn this week’s message, Bob takes us further still into the dysfunctional church of Corinth and we learn that members of the church are taking out lawsuits against each other.

What do you think Paul’s reaction to this news was?  Is this really how Brothers and Sisters in Christ should be dealing with problems they have among themselves – taking their grievances to a secular judge?

Find out the answer to these and other questions in this week’s installment of 1 Corinthians, Part 4, Family Fights.


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Walker Totes – Another Success

Screenshot 2016-08-17 00.25.34 copyTuesday evening saw another successful project for the Lady’s Ministry – Walker Totes.

Much fun was had by all and a surprising number of totes were created.  And we made a little video of the evenings events for your enjoyment.  Watch the video below to see just how everyone joined in to produce these wonderful Walker Totes.

Thank you Ladies, you’re a blessing to us all.


Walker Totes

photo 1The Ladies’ ministry would like to announce a new and delightful project idea to help our community; Walker Totes.

Walker whats?

Yes folks, you saw it here first, a Tote specially made for attachment to a walker.  What a wonderful idea.  Imagine needing a walker to get around.  Now consider how you would carry a purse of backpack if you were unsteady on your feet. It would be a nuisance at best and a danger at worst as it shifted its weight on your body.

With a walker Tote however, you have the perfect place to carry your Dr. Pepper, purse or car keys?  It fits to the bars on a walker, held in place with Velcro and provides a safe and convenient place to keep those important smaller items that you need at hand.

photo 2So on Tuesday August 16th, from 7 – 9 PM, you are invited to join the Ladies Service Night and help make Walker Totes.

Don’t worry if you’re not a seamstress, there are many other ways you can help in the making of these special Totes.  So please, join in the fun and come help with this wonderful project.  The walkers will be given to a local nursing home.


VBS Rocks

WeWCOC 2016 011 (1)ll VBS certainly does rock, but what you’re seeing here is rocks of a different kind.  You may have heard that this year’s theme for Vacation Bible School is ‘David, a man after God’s own heart’.  And when we think of David, it’s hard not to think of Goliath and his fall at the hands of this remarkable young man.

This week the Ladies Ministry got together and made very creative use of some leftover paint and paper bags in order to create some rather excellent looking rocks.  It’s all part of the VBS preparations and as you can see, fun is already being had by everyone; and VBS is still over a month away.  This is just one of many things the ladies are doing to make this years VBS a resounding success.  Contact Carolyn Martin to find our how you can help; and of course don’t forget; you can click on the VBS banner on this web site’s home page to sign up for this years VBS.  We’ll see you there.

Ladies Service Night – May 10, 2016

ladies service night 2016 007 (Medium)“Many Hands Make Light Work” and it was proven once again tonight. A great big thanks to the following ladies who helped prepare materials which will be used by the Olive Branch Ministries when they sponsor an upcoming mission trip to Nicaragua: Kathie Schmidtmann, Terri Brooks, Barbara Cook, Jodi Stone, Laura Bosco, Mary Hoagland, Holly Singhas, Tracy Twenty, Carolyn Martin, Janet Biecher, and Cathy Rampy. These items will be used to teach and show the love of the Lord to the children. Good work ladies and thank you once again.

Community Food Bank – Recycle your plastic grocery bags

Ladies, today I made another delivery of recycled grocery bags to the Community Food Bank and you would have thought I delivered a sack of gold. They said to tell you how much they appreciate these donations. Put yourself in their shoes….try to imagine bringing in your groceries that are not in bags. It would be awful. So, lets all get those loose bags out of our pantries and bring them to Church on Sundays. If you’ll put them in the little bin next to the front door, I’ll take them to the Food Bank. They get so excited when they see me drive up with your bags. Thanks for your help. It is a simple thing, but it makes a big difference in many lives of the folks who depend on this Food Bank. Carolyn Martin

Sunday Sermon Video – What are Deacons Supposed to Do?

Screenshot 2016-04-24 17.51.54This week Bob’s quest to help us understand what scripture has to say about those who serve our Church leads us to the role of Deacons.  What does a Deacon do?  What does the Bible say he should do?  Is it even clear what he should do in the scripture; or has God left us to figure some of that out for our selves?

Bob takes a deep dive to clarify the role and to interpret the scripture to help us get a better understanding.  Along the way we discover that this week’s Greek word is “Diakonos” – Servant.  And as you can see ‘Diakonos’ is where we get the term ‘Deacon’ from: one who serves.  Wow – who knew right? This is why we love you so much Bob – you’re a wonderful and gifted teacher.  Anyway, as you might have guessed, there’s much more to this whole question – so watch Bob’s sermon and learn much from the book of Acts, Timothy, Titus, Romans, John, Thessalonians and Corinthians as Bob skillfully leads us through the evidence of what God says Deacons are supposed to do.

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A joyful Sunday service with our special guest worship leader Scott Lippiatt

Screenshot 2016-04-24 17.56.14This week’s service enjoyed the company of a special guest worship and song leader, Scott Lippiatt. Joining us from the Glen Rock Church of Christ in Pennsylvania, Scott has spent the weekend working with our song leaders and the WCOC Praise Team to help us improve our signing and to teach us some new songs too.  And for today’s service, Scott served as our worship leader and lifted the spirits of the entire congregation.

Scott’s gift and love for signing and worship leading is infectious and we all enjoyed and appreciated his energy and skill.  The service started with a song that is new to the congregation, “Make a Joyful Noise”.  This was followed by ‘Blessed Be Your Name’, ‘On Zion’s Glorious Summit’, ‘Purer in Heart O’ God’, and ‘How Deep the Father’s Love’.  After communion he lead us in ‘Salvation Belongs to Our God’, ‘The battle Belongs to Our God’ and, ‘Just as I Am (I Come Broken)’.  And finally, after the sermon, the last songs of today’s worship were – ‘10,000 Reasons’, and a second singing of ‘Make a Joyful Noise’; both of which Scott introduced us to this weekend.

On behalf of the entire congregation, we’d like to say a warm thank you to Scott and his family for spending the weekend with us here in Warrenton and sharing their gifts and love of music with all of us.  God bless and we hope to see the Lippiatt family here again very soon.

Singing Weekend – resonating success

Version 3This singing weekend has been a resounding success and our honored guest Scott Lippiatt (left) has been an inspiration to us all.  Joining our church from the Glen Rock Church of Christ in Pensilvania, Scott brings with him his wife Jill, and their three children – not to mention a lifetime of experience in worship and song leading in the a-capella tradition.

The day started out with Scott working with our current, past and possible future song leaders to talk about some of the lessons he had learned from experience, and from his time working with the Worship Leader Institute, where he was accepted and has spent numerous periods of time studying and deepening his skills in the craft of worship and song leading.

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