wcoc_podcast_iii-smallWCOC Podcast

For those not familiar; so named after the Apple iPod, a Podcast is an audio-only public post of a song, show or other audio entertainment.  It can be streamed online or downloaded for listening at your leisure.  Most radio stations provide podcasts of their shows, and you can subscribe to these podcasts and download your favorite shows as new ones are posted.  If you have an iTunes account, then you already have access to countless shows, all of which you can subscribe to.

Warrenton Church of Christ has a Podcast that can be accessed on  Soundcloud or in iTunes using these links.  These are mostly recordings of Bob Kolodner’s Sunday sermons, but other postings of speakers such as Marty Koonce are there and later music, talk and Bible readings will also be posted from time to time.  This has already seen some take-up with some of our Brothers and Sisters who already subscribe to other podcasts.  So try out this and other podcasts, it’s a great source of on-demand audio entertainment.

You can also access this podcast by copying the following link to your browser.


So please, subscribe today.

To access and subscribe to the iTunes WCOC Podcast, follow these next steps.

  1. Open iTunes on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Select Podcasts.screenshot-2016-09-28-09-42-15
  3. In the search field, type WCOC warrenton.screenshot-2016-09-28-09-48-27
  4. The WCOC Podcast should appear as one of the podcast options to select.screenshot-2016-09-28-09-52-34
  5. Click on the Podcast settings cogwheel icon and subscribe to the podcast with the ‘Subscribed’ on/off button.  You may also find a subscribe button on some devices you use to access iTunes store.

When you subscribe to the podcast, new shows will be downloaded to your device automatically.  And, once you have listened to them, they will delete themselves.  But don’t worry, if you want to hear it again, you can just download it once more.