Month: May 2016

Remember Those Who Have Gone Before

DSC_0023This weekend we remember those who have gone before us, in sacrifice, in glory, in wartime, and in peacetime.  Those who risked everything to preserve the freedom we enjoy today, and who’s action and courage allow us to lead such blessed and rewarding lives.

In this week’s sermon, “Remember Those Who Have Gone Before”, Bob helps us to remember those brave men and women of the military who gave all they had to make our world a better place today and who persevered our freedom.  And as Christians, we have a long list of martyrs in history who have died for their faith in God, their country, their families or all of these.

Screenshot 2016-05-31 18.42.56Some you have definitely heard of: others maybe not. But it’s important that we do more with Memorial day than just enjoy the extra long weekend.  As Bob states it in his closing prayer, “Thank you seems inadequate when we’re dealing with someone’s death, sacrificial death, either on the battle field as a martyr, or dying for the sins of the world.”.

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Senior Honors Sunday Sermon Video – The Journey

Screenshot 2016-05-22 19.28.50In this week’s message, the honor of addressing the congregation on Senior Honors Sunday falls to Chris Abernethy. Our prayers go out to our regular pulpit minister, Bob K. for a continued and speedy recovery from a surgical procedure earlier this week.  You are in our thoughts and prayers Bob.

As our seniors graduate High School this week and start on a significant new adventure in their lives, Chris shares his experience about the journey both metaphorically and physically, talking about his love of road trips and the possibilities that lay beyond one’s own doorstep.  Watch Chris now as he takes us on a trip through various scripture about our journey with God. Chris underlines the importance of keeping this journey forefront in our lives; no matter what other journeys we might be on.

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Ladies Service Night – May 10, 2016

ladies service night 2016 007 (Medium)“Many Hands Make Light Work” and it was proven once again tonight. A great big thanks to the following ladies who helped prepare materials which will be used by the Olive Branch Ministries when they sponsor an upcoming mission trip to Nicaragua: Kathie Schmidtmann, Terri Brooks, Barbara Cook, Jodi Stone, Laura Bosco, Mary Hoagland, Holly Singhas, Tracy Twenty, Carolyn Martin, Janet Biecher, and Cathy Rampy. These items will be used to teach and show the love of the Lord to the children. Good work ladies and thank you once again.

Sermon for Mother’s Day

Screenshot 2016-05-09 18.09.05In this week’s sermon “The Perils of Having a Perfect Child”, Chris Abernethy delivers a delightful and thought-provoking message in which he explores the role of those most famous biblical Mothers, Mary, Mother of Jesus and Elizabeth, Mother of John the Baptiser.

Christ skillfully explores the scripture concerning the role of Mothers in biblical times; what were the attitudes towards women in those days and how was an inability to bare children regarded by the people of those times?

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