Sermon Podcast – Devotion to Prayer

2017-05-14_Bob_1“Most of you are Christians today because of what just happened.”

To what event is Bob referring in this most profound statement?  Can our faith really be traced back to a single event in the Bible?  And if so, what event?

Well folks,  the only way you get to find out, unless you were in church on Sunday May 14th, is to listen to this most excellent sermon podcast presented by our very own Bob Kolodner.

At around the 15 minute mark in this sermon, Bob delivers another classic statement that I can’t help but quote here, because it’s just so simple, so true and so good.  Bob says: “I don’t know how prayer works, but I do know that prayer works.”

These quotes are just another example of how we are so blessed to have a Pulpit Minister such as Bob. From him we learn so much about the word of our beloved Christ Jesus, the history of our church and faith and the significant Biblical events that have shaped christianity the world over.  Thank you dear brother – you are awesome.

Anyway, take a listen to the following Podcast. Heck no – listen to it twice – or even three times: you’ll hear new things with every pass.


Sermon Podcast – Devotion to Prayer