I Love the World Right Now

        (This blog was written by our dear brother, Rob Hoagland)

  The world is crazy right now, and I believe it should go without saying that as a relatively well-adjusted human being, I wish that the world wasn’t suffering from a global pandemic. This said, I’m really loving the world right now, there is so much good in it. Of course I see the bad as well, I am a cynic after all, people are being greedy and selfish, but most of that is being self-corrected.

          Stillness- this is possibly the most easy to notice. One can’t go out into the world without noticing that traffic has lessened, and that people are not rushing about. The cause for this is obvious, but I don’t feel it’s wrong of me to appreciate the calm.

          People have tried to take advantage of the panic, by hoarding supplies and selling them for inflated prices, but when they did, sites like Amazon and Ebay, have blocked and banned said sellers. This has eliminated incentive to do this, and has even forced many of those who were trying to take advantage, to donate their hoarded goods. I am thankful for this.

          Many companies have taken it upon themselves to make things easier for their customers or employees (and yes some of this might be to try and gain favor, or stay in business in trying times, but still people’s lives are positively affected). We have seen companies send employees home with pay. Companies are changing policies to keep customers and employees safe, offering curbside services and the like. Crafting companies, and art companies have been offering decent discounts so people have more reasons to stay home. Along these lines, streaming services have pushed up release dates, when they would have previously been milking DVD sales for a few months before release. Electric companies have stated they won’t cut off power or charge back interest, and at least my bank has said they will help people have access to monies, even if they have none coming in. All of these have been done without regulations, or coercion being leveled.

          On the other side of the business scale, many people have really pushed to support small business during, and after the pandemic, as they will be hit harder than larger corporations. I’ve also seen people offer jobs to those not working, I’ve personally been affected by this. I like that business and even churches have had to rethink how they do things, and that many of the changes could be worth keeping long after we get through this, but would have never been considered without such a drastic prompt.

          As stockpiles of medical supplies dwindle, a few companies have stopped production of what they normally make, to fill the increasing demand for masks. There is even an ever-growing fringe movement of at home creators, and seamstresses to make hundreds of masks to donate, and craft stores have been donating supplies so that they can do so.

While these are dark times, and none of us know what the morrow may bring, I personally can’t help but see that there is still a lot of good in the world, and much to be thankful for.

I Love the World Right Now