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Bruce Rampy shared the following article from Paul Mowrer, Monticello Church of Christ, Monticello, AR 06/03/20

“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful” (John 14:27).

“Peace” is the rendering of the Hebrew shalom, which continues to be used as both a Jewish greeting and a farewell address. Jesus used it as a farewell address as He prepared His apostles for His departure. But it is more than a typical farewell. This “peace” was His parting gift to the apostles, a peace that the world could not possibly understand (Phil. 4:7). We teach our children a song with the verse, “…peace that passes understanding, down in my heart.”

Jesus, the prophesied Prince of Peace (Isa. 9:6), displayed His peace to His apostles in the midst of a storm (Mark 4:35-41), and “in peace” gave Himself up to His opponents to be crucified. Peace was not merely a spoken word by our Lord, but rather a life demonstrated to His followers. A life of peace promised to those who truly believe on Him.

The peace of Jesus is far deeper and more lasting than anything this world can offer. The peace of Jesus is independent of worldly circumstances. Even the COVID-19 threat cannot disturb the peace Jesus offers, unless we allow it. The peace of Jesus can exist amid distress and danger. The peace Jesus offers is a peace and tranquility that can extinguish a fearful disposition and turmoil of the heart. We live in a troubled world of heartache, affliction, death, the ups and downs of the economy, and a world that offers no guarantee for tomorrow. But the peace Jesus promised His apostles and to us is a peace that conquers all of these fears and concerns. A peace that looks beyond today and tomorrow, to a day eternal in the presence of our Heavenly Father. And because of the peace of Jesus, I no longer have to be troubled by the things of this world. I no longer have to fear tomorrow. This is the peace that reminds us of the assurance we have that nothing can separate us from the love of God (Rom. 8:35-39).

We sing the song from time to time, “It Is Well with My Soul.” It is one of my favorites, perhaps because it shares the same sentiment of Jesus from years gone by, “Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say, ‘It is well with my soul.’” Do you have this peace in your life?

We are sending a Balikbayan box to the Philippines!

Hello everyone- we want to send our annual Balikbayan box to the Catamora family in the Philippines a bit earlier this year. For one reason or another, the shippers just haven’t gotten the package to them before Christmas in years past. This year our deadline to bring items will be August 15th. Check your email or call the church office for drop-off information. This is a wonderful way to share some love with our faithful brothers and sisters and help them in their work. Here is the list of requested items. Be a blessing- receive a blessing!

  • 1. Vitamin C for kids/multivitamins
  • 2. Complete multivitamins for adults
  • 3. Vegetables Oil
  • 4. Nutella Ferrero
  • 5. Ginger Tea
  • 6. Bath Soap
  • 7. Body Lotion
  • 8. Cheese Dip
  • 9. Strawberry Jam
  • 10.Hershey’s Cocoa Powder
  • 11.Chocolates
  • 12.Communion
  • 13.Danish Style (Premium Butter Cookies)
  • 14.5×8 INDEX Cards
  • 15.Bond Paper
  • 16.Black Coffee
  • 17.Toys (any kind of toys but not too big)
  • 18.PanCake Mix

Minister Bob Goes Virtual

As we have been advised by the authorities, and maybe a little common sense too, services at the Warrenton Church of Christ will be going ahead in a slightly different form than we might be used to. Yes folks, while we may not be meeting face to face in the building for a little while, you will still be able to enjoy Bob’s weekly messages in video format on this very web site – and we hope Facebook, and the usual audio Podcast versions as well.

Stay tuned for further details. If you need help or have any questions, please email the Wcoc Office.

Report from the Philippines

Dear brethren in Christ,

Christian greetings from Tagbongabong congregation, Lumbocan congregation & Baan congregation! We hope you are all well and enjoy the blessings from the Lord.

As the year 2019 is about to end, looking back to the days from January up to this month of October, we would like to give you a report of our mission work here. In the first place,we are very thankful to our loving God that despite of several ordeals we have encountered in our ministry, He always encourage us through his written word to continue to fight the good fight of faith (Jude 3). And also God admonishes to his people through apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians 3:1-3, it says, “Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified even as it is with you. And that we may delivered from unreasonable and wicked men; for all men have not faith. But the Lord is faithful who shall establish you, and keep you from evil.” Thank you, brethren, for all the prayers that you have offered to the Lord so that our mission work may prosper. And thank you also for your undying support for the Lord’s work.


God blessed us with 14 converts.


# 4 baptisms from Tagbongabong congregation

# 1 baptism from Lumbocan congregation

# 9 baptisms from Bohol (combined fromTagbilaran congregation & Ubay congregation)


# Last March, I spoke at the congregation of Baba, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur. The theme was “Resist the Hatred.”  I tackled how to avoid the hatred from our hearts. The brethren there are more strengthen and I encouraged them to continue to serve the Lord as long as they live.

# On April, I was in Bohol.

The congregation of Tagbilaran city, Bohol invited me to speak their family camp. The theme was “The Unity of the Brethren.” (Psalms 133:1) During that Camp, 3 souls were baptized after they heard the word of God preached by me. Thank God for his powerful word.


On May, I went back to Bohol together with my family to help the medical mission. This activity was sponsored by Tagbilaran congregation. The purposed of the medical mission was to help the poor people who cannot afford to buy the medicine and also this was one way to find the prospects. After the medical mission, some people who attended the said occasion were interested to know more about the church of Christ. Immediately, we conducted a bible study to them and thank God after a thorough study, they didn’t hesitate to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior through baptism. 6 souls were added to the Lord’s Church.


On August, I went to Libertad congregation with Norme. This is an infant congregation; it was started last year. Their chapel has not yet finished and I will ask you brethren to help this small congregation.


We continue to evangelize the Gospel of Christ until the end of time. (Matthew 28:18-20) And thank you for the trust and confidence you have bestowed upon us by supporting our mission work we are undertaking. We love you brethren and I desired to see you and to meet you personally if God permits me to visit your great country someday. May our working together and a wonderful relationship will continue from here to eternity. To God be the glory!

This is all our report.

In Christian love,

Roy S. Catamora

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Starts March 11th

dave-quotes_blog_ai_lgBiblical Finance is once again being taught at the Warrenton Church of Christ starting March 11th at 2:30 in the Fellowship Hall for 9 weeks.

Yes folks we rescheduled it after a slow start to the year with the postponement of January’s class.

So if you are wondering if this course is for you, take a look at these next questions and see if you know the answers.  If not, you should come walk with us to financial peace.

  • How do I stop living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Why do I need an emergency fund when I have good credit?
  • How big an emergency fund should I have?
  • Everyone has debt, so why is that a bad thing?
  • Do I need life insurance?
  • Which is best, whole life or term life insurance?
  • How much should I save for retirement?
  • Should I invest in shares or mutual funds in my retirement account?
  • What’s the fastest proven way to pay off debt?
  • Why should I pay off my mortgage?

These questions touch on just some of the topics we cover in the course.  The cost is $109 for your membership kit.  You need one membership kit per family.  If you need help financially, scholarships are available – just ask.  You can sign up at the church on the back table in the auditorium, send an email to the church office or email  Or just show up on March the 11th and we’ll get you started.

See you there folks.

Tweets anyone?

TwitterAs an idea for a new service for 2018 we have just added a Twitter account to the technology services offering.  This is currently an experimental offering, but if there is any interest we may be able to make it permanent.

And a Twitter account is what exactly?

If you’re not sure what that is, or what it does, it’s a service that allows the church to push out brief informational notes, known as “Tweets” to anyone who is following the @mywcoc Twitter account.

There is a 280 character limit in a Tweet, recently doubled from 140.  When twitter was first established they used SMS text messages to carry the tweets which had a 160 character limit.  Twitter reserved 20 characters for the user name, hence the original 140 characters.

This is an ideal medium for getting messages out quickly to our church family.  Any member following the church twitter account @mywcoc will receive tweets.  So imagine if there was an urgent pray request, or perhaps no services due to snow – what a great way to let everyone know.  What’s more its all free and there are Apps (of course) for iPhone and Android, so you can receive tweets on your mobile devices.

If you already follow other twitter accounts, then follow the Warrenton Church of Christ twitter account @mywcoc using your existing Twitter app.

Warrenton Christian Preschool Playground Fundraiser

image2Preschool News – Warrenton Christian Preschool Playground is in need of a little TLC.

It’s looking a little sad don’t you think as it’s been some years since the special mulch was last blown in.  The sun and the rain have baked and washed out the mulch and it’s time to renew.  And it’s not just an aesthetics issue either.  No – it’s actually a safety issue for our little ones.

image1And because its a safety and regulations thing – we can’t just run down to our local big box hardware store and purchase any old mulch.  It has to be a special type of mulch for this application.  It has to be devoid of certain chemicals and toxins, has to be of a certain consistency and be laid at a certain depth.  Hence the high cost of replacement – $740.

Therefore we are announcing our WCOC Warrenton Christian Preschool Fundraiser on  Click the following link to make a donation to the Playground fund – the little ones and the teachers will be so grateful for any help you can provide.

GoFundMe Warrenton Christian Playground Fundraiser

Many thanks and God bless.

Financial Peace is nearly upon us

DaveRamsey_PhotoYes folks, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University is nearly upon us, but there is still time to sign up on the Dave Ramsey web site and get your membership kits delivered before the class starts.  So if you’re planning to join us on March 19th, please sign up as soon as you can.

Financial Peace University is a bible based 9 week course that teaches you how to handle money God’s way.  Using a series of seven ‘Baby Steps’ it takes you from saving, to paying off debt, building wealth for retirement, investing and being able to give generously along the way.  As we already know, everything belongs to God, including our money.  Financial peace teaches us how to be better stewards of God’s money and how to prosper and help others along the way.

As Dave says, “this changes everything”, and it’s so very true.  Just ask anyone who has been through Financial Peace and applied the principals it teaches. It costs $102.30 to buy your membership kit and have it shipped from the Ramsey Solutions HQ in Nashville, TN.  If you need a little  financial help, some of your Brothers and Sisters at this church have shown their love by pledging money for partial and full scholarships.  Contact Nancy or Fran at the Church office to get on the scholarship list.  At this time there are still some scholarships available: but we need to know all those who need help before 3/12/2017 or we will not have time to get your kit ordered before class starts. So hurry to avoid disappointment.


Who is my Neighbor?

BOBK004In this sermon, Bob asks us to think about who our neighbor really is.  As God commands that we love our neighbor as ourselves, Bob explore how far do we take that idea, and tells the ‘Good Samaritan’ story with particularly energy and power in his delivery.

Click on the Bob image to the left here or on the link below the Read More tag to enjoy the podcast of this week’s message “Who is my Neighbor?”.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the WCOC Podcast on iTunes using the Podcast App on your iPhone or Android mobile device.

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Sermon – Come and See

In this week’s sermon, Bob talks about the importance of getting to know our neighbors, and if possible, inviting them to the February 26th Cookout entitled “Bring you Neighbor Day”.  In February?  Sure why not – it’ll be indoors – in case you were worried. 🙂  This will be a huge amount of fun and it will be wonderful to see some new faces and hopefully see them again, and again, after the cookout.

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