Author: Neil Smith

Sunday Service – Now Available

Sorry we couldn’t meet up today, but I hope you will be inspired by Bob’s message and the songs we were going to hear in this week’s service video. It’s all here for your spiritual enhancement, so please click below and have a blessed home-service and a wonderful week.

What does the Bible Say?

In this delightful and thought-provoking sermon, Bob raises some interesting questions about the motives of the heart when we turn to the phrase “what does the Bible say?”. Are these the same motives as those of the pharisees so long ago?  And if you like the book of Philippians then you’ll love some of the scripture choices Bob shares with us in this wonderful message.  See how these passages are as relevant to us, today, as they were when they were first penned over twenty centuries ago. 

99-Year-Old WWII Veteran Walks to Raise £1000 for National Health Service

News from the UK, Captain Tom Moore, a WWII veteran, set out to raise £1000, for the National Health Service by walking around his garden 100 times just before his 100th birthday has now exceeded his goal. At the time of writing this, he has raised over £30,000,000, and the donations are still pouring in.

In just a few days this humble and modest man has become a household name not just in the UK, but around the world, as his now legendary charitable effort to support the National Health Service have inspired an overwhelming international response. In a bid to help the battle-weary Doctors, Nurses, and Staff in the fight against Covid-19, Captain Tom decided to try and raise £1,000 by walking around his garden. As it turns out, Captain Tom is something of an over-achiever. God bless you Captain Tom, your spirit inspires us all.

The Tomb is Empty

In this week’s message, Bob asks “What’s it to you?” that the tomb is empty. Then he recounts the tale of Christ’s resurrection looking at the events of that fateful day through the eyes of Mary Magdalene who was expecting to anoint the body in oils and perfume, but discovered something entirely different when she arrived at Jesus’ tomb.

A Sermon for Palm Sunday

In another sermon rich in scripture and level-headed wisdom, Bob talks about our need for hard facts – data – in this strange time, and then explores 5 things that Christians may actually not want to know about their faith and what it all means.


This really goes without saying, but what a crazy week we have had! If you would have asked anyone just two weeks ago what their plans for the week were, not a single person would have said: “Well, I think I will spend my time locked indoors, unsuccessfully try to purchase toilet paper, and wonder how much, or how little a global pandemic would affect me.” All this said, it’s crazy how quickly we adapt, and most of us have found our groove, and a new “normal.”

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A World Wide Prayer

A world day of prayer is called on Sunday 22 March at 12 noon local
All Christians are asked to pray at home from 12 noon to 1pm, covering
the globe in 24 hours. Pray for:
1. The stop of the spread of the virus
2. The recovery of those already infected
3. Peace for the families who lost loved ones
4. Restoration of the economies of the world
5. Wisdom for the governments who have to manage the outbreak.
Never before has there been a reason to call ALL Christians around the
world to a global day of prayer against a threat that affects the entire
Please let everyone know.
Let’s blanket the world in prayer.