Marty Koonce Bible Class and Sermon

Marty2017_001 This week we have a special podcast double bill with guest speaker Marty Koonce who’s in the country for a few weeks visiting his supporting churches and reconnecting with his U.S. brothers and sisters.  For those of you who don’t know Marty, he and his family have been working in Toga and Rwanda for twenty years on missions to bring Christ Jesus to the people of these countries.

His record for success is monumental and his gifts of language and deep love and understanding of God has served and saved thousands upon thousands of people.  Listen to these podcasts of his Adult Bible class and sermon to learn more about Marty, his family and his missions in Africa.

Don’t forget you can also tune in to Marty on iTunes and by subscribing to the WCOC Podcast on your mobile devices such as iPhone and Android.

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Marty Koonce Sermon – Rwanda

Screenshot 2016-06-19 14.14.40It’s Father’s day and this week’s sermon is presented by our special guest speaker Marty Koonce.  He and his family are visiting from their mission in Rwanda and we are blessed to have them with us.  They are here to give us an update on the huge successes and strides that have been achieved from the hand of God through their mission work in post-genocide Rwanda.

Watch this week’s message here to learn more about the good works of Marty, his family and the other missions as he shares with us the amazing stories and challenges they continue to face every day as the country rebuilds herself.  These are stories of what truly amazing people can do with the help and support of a truly amazing God.

Also check out the missions page for further video of Marty with additional news of the current work and achievements.

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Marty and Louise Koonce – e-newsletter from Rwanda

For those of you who didn’t catch this on their Facebook page, it is our pleasure to post this e-newsletter link to the church web site and share the latest news and events being reported by Marty and Louise Koonce from Rwanda.  Click the link below to learn about Kumva 2016, the ATN’s new cultural center in Bugasera, sports and community development and much more.

Marty and Louise Koonce – e-newsletter

Here at home we are keeping the Koonce family in our hearts and prayers as they do such wonderful work for our Lord and the people of Rwanda.

Many thanks also to Diane Wheeler for providing this link.