Fauquier YoungLives Ministry

YoungLivesYoungLife is an established faifth-based ministry that focuses on the youth in our community.  The vision is that every adolescent will have the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ and follow Him.

YoungLives is part of the YoungLife mission that focuses on ministering to pregnant and/or parenting teen moms and their babies.  They are a resource that provides love, hope and support by building relationships, offering parenting classes, organizing a baby closet, attending club meetings with dinner provided and any other needs that may come up in their daily lives, all while while sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

To support the YoungLives mission, in this area, Warrenton Church of Christ is providing use of the church building and facitlites for meetings.  Members of our congragation help support the ministry offering their time and counseling skills to give hope and spiritual support to these young people.

To find out more about this ministry, please contact FauquierYoungLives@gmail.com

Facebook FB.com/FauquierYoungLives